A Codicote comedian will be taking a brand new one-man show to the biggest festival of the arts in the world.

Author, playwright and comedian Johnny Tait will be appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe in Scotland for the first ever time this month.

He will be performing at The OMNi Centre, running from Saturday, August 13 until Thursday, August 18 inclusive, at 5.50pm each night on Stage 5 (venue 608) as part of PBH’s Free Fringe at the Edinburgh Festival.

After treading the boards for 45 years in a variety of venues – TV, radio, theatres, cruise ships, and sports clubs – Johnny now tells his hilarious tales of mishaps along the way.

Titled 'Glamorous? You're Joking!', Johnny says the 40-minute festival show was not difficult to write as "it is a selection of true tales of mishaps" that have occurred during his time in showbiz.

It includes his first ever appearance onstage in front of an audience of 1,652 people in which Johnny says he "completely fluffed his lines".

Then were was October 20, 2007, at the Rugby Union World Cup Final when his namesake Tait, as in Mathew Tait, almost scored a stunning solo try following a dazzling break.

Tait, the England rugby centre, was hauled down just inches from the line, and Mark Cueto's subsequent touchdown was disallowed after the wing was ruled to have put a foot in touch during a tackle before grounding the ball.

England eventually lost the match 15-6 to South Africa and minutes later Tait the comedian went onstage to an extremely sad, disappointed audience that had laughing at the bottom of their list of things to do.

There was the time when he was stopped by the police on his way home from work.

The police asked: “Where have you been working?”

“I have been in Hereford doing a job for the SAS,” was his reply. “F***ing comedian are you?” was the next question.

When Johnny replied, “I am as it happens!”, the police thought he was winding them up, until he showed the contract for the gig and his Equity union card.

"These are just a few stories of why entertainment is not as glamorous as people think," said Johnny.

For more, visit https://freefringe.org.uk/ and freefringe.org.uk/shows/45-years-and-still-not-laughing/