Two Future 50 companies have come together to launch a new firm offering financial and professional services.

Axe Financial was formed by the directors of Norwich Accountancy Services, a member of this year’s Future 50, and Yellow Brick Mortgages, part of the 2019 cohort. The two Norwich-based companies will continue to offer accountancy and mortgages under their existing names, with additional services offered through sister company Axe Financial – including wealth management, insurance and commercial finance.

The Axe Financial board consists of Jon Hook and Richard Pearce of Norwich Accountancy Services, and Greg Marcham and Stephen Perkins of Yellow Brick Mortgages. Saul Humphrey, chairman of the Building Growth group at New Anglia LEP, has also joined the company as a non-executive director.

“We had a client base of thousands of people who were already with Norwich Accountancy Services, and we’re now the largest mortgage brokerage in East Anglia,” said Greg Marcham. “By merging the two together under Axe Financial, we can help businesses with most of the challenges they will come up against – and continue to grow Yellow Brick Mortgages at the same time.”

“We’re becoming life consultants as opposed to accountants,” added Richard Pearce. “There will be nothing within Axe Financial that we can't support clients with.”

Whereas Norwich Accountancy Services and Yellow Brick Mortgages serve a local market, Axe Financial will look to attract clients across the UK – and even abroad. “Axe, by its very nature, is scalable by region and by nation,” said Richard. “The brand and the name Axe are transferable to Australia or America.”

Greg said the emphasis will be on quality of service, rather than quantity of clients. “Providing the best advice is what financial services is all about,” he commented. “The fact that we don't have things like targets at Axe Financial means that it doesn't matter whether someone does one mortgage or 100 mortgages – as long as they give a great customer experience.”

Axe Financial will also have the same charitable ethos as Norwich Accountancy Services and Yellow Brick Mortgages. Within the next six months, it plans to set up the Axe Foundation – which will help to “develop the next generation of financial advisors and brokers”, as well as any young people aspiring to launch their own business.

“Something like the Axe Foundation gives an opportunity to people that may not have funding but have great ideas,” said Greg.

“Yellow Brick Mortgages has always donated to charity, and the Axe Foundation is the next step up from that,” he added. “As Axe Financial grows, the more money there will be in that pot to help more people within the local community.”

The company has already hosted a corporate five-a-side football competition at the Norwich City Community Sports Foundation – with a number of other charity events scheduled over the coming months. “For us, it's very much pay it forward, not pay it back,” said Richard.

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