Quickfire Digital, a Norwich-based digital agency, has partnered with a number of leading e-commerce brands to produce a ‘best in class’ report for online businesses.

The Best in Class E-Commerce Report 2022 includes contributions from 14 companies, including Quickfire Digital, e-commerce platform Shopify, payments provider Klarna and social media platform Pinterest.

“We wanted to bring together a group of e-commerce specialists to provide an end-to-end guide for businesses,” said Nathan Lomax, co-founder and director of Quickfire Digital. “We believe business is done better through collaboration, rather than competition, and that’s why other digital agencies appear in the report, as well as some of the biggest names in specific e-commerce areas.”

The report covers everything from customer acquisition and website conversion to customer retention and logistics. “We see the report as a valuable source of information and advice across the entire customer journey,” said Mr Lomax. “Having all of this in one place, we hope, will provide retailers with a single source of truth, and one they can refer to as they grow their own business.”

Each contributor to the report has provided a short case study on how they have helped drive growth for one of their clients. “We’ve also asked each partner to provide three things that retailers should watch out for in 2022, therefore helping businesses plan for changes to the incredibly fast-paced world of e-commerce,” Mr Lomax concluded.

Businesses can download the report at www.quickfiredigital.com/best-in-class-e-commerce-report