There are two sides to our business at Turning Factor: we develop people and we develop businesses. Both go hand in hand.

When we go into organisations that are looking to build their business, the first thing we are interested in is their strategy. What are their goals? Where are they going? What's their product? How are they going to take that product to market?

Inevitably they are going to need a leader and team to make that happen – and that’s where leadership development comes in. In order to grow, they need everybody on board, they need to operate as a team, and they need to have good people and make sure everybody knows their role.

Of course, for some leaders, the business is their baby and it can be difficult to let go. However, real successful growth depends on one’s ability to trust in others. This requires effective delegation to people and management skills – the sort of thing we help leaders develop through real-life practical training programmes.

At Turning Factor we have vast experience of dealing with global businesses all the way down to fast-growing businesses in the SME market, and this is the reason why we are excited to support the Future 50 programme as a partner.

We have seen best practice and worked with some of the fastest-growing businesses in the UK – and have seen and helped them overcome some of their barriers for growth.

Over the last 12 years, what we have seen from those businesses who really go from good to great is the ability, when things get tough, to have the resilience and mindset to overcome failures, and to treat it as guidance on doing things differently. Our differential is that we have tutors who have run businesses and have the practical know-how and experience to help you through the minefield of business life.

Turning Factor is a leadership and management training company delivering high-quality services both nationally and internationally. Recognised as a provider at the forefront of the training and development industry, it works and collaborates with innovators, business experts and key organisations to develop cutting-edge learning and development solutions and design innovative business-relevant programmes.

Turning Factor is represented on the Future 50 board by Kathryn Horton and James Howells.