Beks Houston, managing director of Norwich-based marketing agency Smash Marketing, has joined the first cohort of Business Climate Leaders (BCL), a new initiative from Norfolk Chambers of Commerce.

The aim of the programme is to “educate, enable and support SME businesses to seek and apply appropriate, tested actions and activities that will put them on the path to net zero.”

Beks, who founded Smash Marketing in 2018, is one of 12 cohort members who will share best practice, calculate carbon emissions and encourage each other to meet their net-zero goals.

Other members include James Groves, managing director of Indigo Swan, a former Future 50 member, and Melissa Willrich of Future 50 partner Birketts.

Each cohort will be supported by the BCL board, comprising nine regional business leaders who are also committed to tackling climate change.

“I’ve been a bit of an eco-warrior all my life,” said Beks. “I’ve always tried to do as much as I can at home, and I try to bring that same ethos into the business.

“I'd like Smash Marketing to be carbon neutral by the end of next year, and having a group of like-minded business owners who can kick each other's butts and have a bit more accountability is really the way that I work. If I say I'm going to do something in front of a group, then I'll do it.”

She added: “We are at the very early stages of becoming a B Corp as well. For me, it’s about being in business for good, and if I can inspire others who are in the same boat, that’s brilliant.”

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