An author and historian are desperately trying to find information and a picture of a Second World War pilot from Letchworth who died during the conflict.

Squadron Leader Frederick John Knight was killed when his Avro Lancaster bomber, designation EE195 and flying from RAF Wickenby in Lincolnshire, crashed into the North Sea.

Dutch author John Heideman is writing a book about his hometown of Castricum in the Netherlands, close to where Squadron Leader Knight's body washed ashore.

He is keen to find a photo of the Letchworth-born pilot, saying: "On June 29, 1943 Lancaster EE195 crashed into the North Sea after a bombing mission to Köln, Germany.

"All seven crew members died. Two of them, washed upon the shore of Castricum. Squadron Leader Knight washed upon the shore of Petten, a few miles north of Castricum, and is buried at Bergen-op-Zoom War Cemetery.

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"I want to honour the crew of this Lancaster in my book. They gave their young lives for our freedom.

"A picture of Knight is still missing. Hopefully there are still some family members living in Letchworth."

John has approached the Letchworth Arts & Leisure Group for help to find out more about Squadron Leader Knight, with member Kate Thompson on the case.

Her research has been able to uncover more about the pilot's life, but little is still know about him and no photo of him has yet been found.

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"He was a Hitchin Boys’ School student, and the school have sent a copy of their magazine which recalls the fact he died," Kate said.

"There is also a memorial at the school which has his name on. Apart from this and his death, not a lot else is known about him and we are desperately trying to find out.

"I’m trying to find out if there are any of his family are left. I know it’s 80 years ago and the chances are slim, but you never know."

If you have any information or a photo of Squadron Leader Knight, contact