Gas and electricity prices hit record highs this winter. Despite government payments and the Energy Price Guarantee many people have been asking for advice about how to reduce their bills. 

Green Heat Coop and North Herts Healthy Hub together with Citizens Advice are running a free event in Royston to show how you can use energy more efficiently, cut your bills, and hear about the prospects for the energy market this year and government plans to help.

The event will be held on Wednesday, March 15 from 11.30am to 12.30pm, at Market Hill Rooms, Fish Hill, Royston, SG8 9DW. 

We know that people are worried about running up debts to their energy suppliers that they can’t afford and will hang round their necks for years to come.

Others are frightened about being cut off altogether leaving them without electricity to run their homes as well as no heating or hot water.

For anyone this creates hardship, but for those who are sick, disabled or looking after young children there is a danger of hypothermia or other health emergency.

Citizens Advice has been helping people deal with bills they find unaffordable, what to expect of the energy companies, and the help offered by charities to keep the power on. 

While some customers are happy with moving to prepayment meters others prefer to pay by direct debit or bills and want help to stay as they are.

We can offer one to one advice to ensure clients are getting all the help available, how to reduce energy usage and improve building insulation, making your home warmer without it costing more, and guiding you through the system of grants available.   

For more information on energy or any other issue that may be worrying you, go to

Citizens Advice North Herts has offices in Letchworth and Royston.

Our Letchworth office is at 49 Station Road and the Royston office is at Royston Town Hall in Melbourn Street.

The service also operates from Melbourn Community Hub, High Street, Melbourn. Details of opening times are on our website.

For further help and support you can also contact the Citizens Advice helpline on 0800 144 88 48.