Just what has happened to Covid the Cobra - a snake made from more than 10,000 stones hand-painted by the Stevenage community during the first lockdown in 2020?

The charming snake was started on Grace Way in Stevenage by mum Dawn Parnell and her young children, Eddie and Owen, during the Covid-19 lockdown.

People all over the town began adding their own stones, before Stevenage Borough Council put all the stones in safe storage, with the aim of preserving Covid the Cobra in Grace Way, after the location was voted for in a public poll in July 2020.

There are also plans to create a mural in the underpass where the cobra started.


However, nearly three years on, there is still no sign of the installation in Grace Way, so the Comet asked the council for an update.

A spokesperson said: "We’re working with Junction 7 Creatives, who are delivering the project. The underpass mural designs are ready and will be painted as soon as the weather allows, and designs for a permanent home for the stones are being finalised.

"The Covid the Cobra stall in the indoor market is open, and people can drop by Wednesday to Saturday to see the mural designs and get updates on Covid the Cobra’s journey."