Two teams from Hitchin Boys' School picked up awards at an F1 in Schools competition earlier this month.

The Year 8 students have been working on the project during their lunchtimes and evenings for the last six months, and their efforts came to fruition on the day.

Between them, the teams won Entry Class awards for fastest car, best engineered car, and future stars. They were also lightning reaction overall winners, and were nominated for the best overall pit display.

The two teams were as follows:

The Comet: The members of Team REVVengersThe members of Team REVVengers (Image: Hitchin Boys' School)

Team REVVengers

  • Elliot
  • Aditya
  • Fred
  • Iyaadh

The Comet: The members of Team Fast and the FusionousThe members of Team Fast and the Fusionous (Image: Hitchin Boys' School)

Team Fast and the Fusionous

  • Joshua
  • Max
  • Oliver
  • Amir

Each team designed and created a small-scale Formula One car, powered by a compressed CO2 gas cylinder and capable of speeds of up to 75km per hour.

They must follow a rigorous set of standards to be permitted to race, requiring precise sizes, weight and manufacturing processes.

The Comet: The teams picked up a number of awards.The teams picked up a number of awards. (Image: Hitchin Boys' School)

In addition, the teams completed five-page portfolios containing project plans, marketing plans, and technical details of the car, and had to find sponsors to support their entries.

The REVVengers team was sponsored by Cloudai+, EMH Technologies and Realise Potential, all based in Hitchin, while the Fast and the Fusionous team was sponsored by Codicote Motors Ltd.

Dave Hassett, head of design and technology at the school, said: "The students had a fantastic day and were thrilled to come away with a clutch of awards from their first competition.

"They will now begin work on the ‘Development Class’ project for the 2023/24 race season, where they will have to make refinements to improve their race times and be required to gain further sponsorship.

"We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours in this competition."

Entering next year's regional competition as Development Class teams means that the teams will be in with a shot at entry to the national competition - and, potentially, the international competition.