Italian food chain Frankie & Benny's has launched the world's first food delivery service via drone.

The chain - which has a branch in Stevenage Leisure Park, Kingsway - has today (Saturday, April 1) unveiled the 'Drone 'n' Deliver' service after nearly five years of testing the technology.

Users can now order via the Frankie & Benny's app, using a new tracking strap which indicates a delivery location to the drone.


A "spectacular London launch party" is set to take place, featuring a drone demonstration and a number of celebrity guests.

Frankie & Benny's head of brand, Sasha Storey, said: "At Frankie & Benny’s we believe that innovative tech will allow us to be the market leader with this new food delivery system.


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“It has taken years of development, choosing the right drones, creating effective heat containers and a ventilation system which allows the food to stay fresh no matter where you are.

"We are looking forward to embracing the future of food delivery!”