Video footage featuring clips from a documentary filmed in Stevenage in 1971 shows just how much the town has changed in the last five decades.

The edited YouTube video, courtesy of user Chuby123, begins in the Town Square - where you can just about spot a bus pulling in to the former bus station.

Now, the former station is home to "Event Island", which can be used for events, entertainment and more, while the Bus Interchange is located next to the Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre. 


Those following the major town centre regeneration will know that today's town centre is a far cry from what is seen in the footage below - with even more change set to come.

Next the video takes us to Swingate House - which was once home to the Stevenage Development Corporation. 

Following bomb damage in London from the Second World War, a 'new towns' initiative was introduced to create housing for 60,000 people.

The corporation was set up after shortly after Stevenage was designated as the first new town in 1946, and was tasked with delivering a master plan for housing to the east and industry to the west.


Six neighbourhoods were planned which would consist of 10,000 homes, each with their own community centre, pub and shops.

By the 1980s, the work of the corporation was complete and the administration was taken over by Stevenage Borough Council.

Swingate House had been derelict and unused before meeting a dramatic end in 2022, when it unexpectedly collapsed during its demolition.

Luckily, nobody was hurt. 

The footage continues through neighbourhoods in the town, before heading back to the town centre fountain, where you can spot a parade of shops - now home to the likes of Greggs and Starbucks.