A horse was reportedly attacked by an off-lead dog in an incident near Grange Recreation Ground in Letchworth yesterday morning (Wednesday, April 26).

According to the owner of the horse, the dog bit the leg of the equine, resulting in two puncture wounds. The horse was taken for veterinary treatment and given pain relief and antibiotics.

Nicol Green, the horse's owner, described the dog as a white border collie and said the incident took place in the field next to the Grange Recreation Ground.

Nicol said: "The attack went on for around two minutes with both the dogs owners trying to catch it. This dog had absolutely no recall and was very intent on hurting my horse.

"The owners of the dog were reckless with their handling and ownership. They offered me no apology and walked away from the incident. When asked for an apology/their details I was told to ‘f*** off’.

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"The female owner was around 5’6" with dark brown wavy hair and the male owner was around 5’11" with ginger hair and a ginger beard."

A spokesperson for Hertfordshire police said: "Police received a report of a dog having been dangerously out of control at around 7.45am yesterday (Wednesday 26 April) on Gaunts Way, Letchworth Garden City.

"It was reported that a horse was attacked by a dog off its lead, and the horse subsequently required veterinary treatment.

"Anyone with further information is asked to please call 101 or report via our online web chat, quoting ISR 971 of 26 April 2023."

The incident is not the only recent dog attack in Herts - last week, a dog killed more than a dozen sheep in Standon.