Bluebells in woodland near Stevenage have been damaged by motorcyclists.

Astonbury Wood was recently saved by Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust, but they have had to issue warnings intended to protect the "extremely precious" bluebells.

People riding motorbikes damaged the woodland in March this year.

As a result, the Wildlife Trust's Reserves Team have put posters around the site making clear that motorcycles are not permitted in the area.

The Trust said that the motorbike tracks had "destroyed this year’s bluebell growth with the potential for long-term damage with bulbs being uprooted.

"As we enjoy the sight of these bell-shaped flowers on our landscape, Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust ask us to respect and protect them for future generations.

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"Whilst bluebells may be a relatively common sight at this time of year, the species does face threats from climate change, pollution, loss of woodland habitats, and the invasion of the introduced Spanish Bluebell."

Thankfully, many of the bluebells in the woodland remain undamaged and there continues to be a colourful display there.

The Comet: Thankfully, many of the bluebells in the woodland remain unscathed.Thankfully, many of the bluebells in the woodland remain unscathed. (Image: Frieda Rummenhohl/Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust)

Steven Werrell, senior project officer with the Trust’s Nature Reserves Team, says: “It’s great so see people enjoying the Bluebells on our nature reserves at this time of year, but we ask them to do so responsibly.

"In spring and through to the end of summer there’s a lot of activity in nature and many species are breeding, plus ground flora is easily damaged by people and dogs trampling.

"We can all help to lessen the impact on nature and preserve it for everyone to enjoy by simply sticking to marked paths, keeping dogs on leads and clearing up as we go.”