All Stevenage customers who mistakenly had direct debits taken by Everyone Active for cancelled memberships have now received a full refund, the leisure company has confirmed.

At the beginning of April, an administration blunder during Everyone Active's first week managing Stevenage's leisure facilities saw the company take direct debit payments from 195 customers who had cancelled their memberships before the takeover.

Allan Prescott, Everyone Active's contract manager, said: "Following the takeover, we can confirm the direct debits of more than 95 per cent of customers were successfully transferred over to Everyone Active.

"We apologise for the small percentage who had payments processed via direct debit having already cancelled their memberships.


"We can now confirm all refunds have been processed.

"We have contacted all customers directly to apologise, either by email, phone call, or both, to ensure the situation has been resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible."

He also rubbished claims by some customers that a second direct debit payment had been erroneously taken by Everyone Active this month.

"As a result of the recently reported administration error, we can confirm there hasn’t been a second payment taken from any customer," he said. "All customers who were involved have now received their refund."