A 10-year-old boy from Hitchin has raised over £1,100 by completing the crossbar challenge.

Leo Gawley Green hit the bar over 100 times during the fundraiser, in which he raised money for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

The charity has been helping Leo's granny, who was diagnosed with cancer at Christmas 2021.


Her condition is unfortunately incurable, and not treatable beyond a short time frame.

Pancreatic Cancer UK have been "providing immediate nursing advice, a sympathetic and knowledgeable ear, support groups and information through seminars".

The Comet: Leo continued his challenge whatever the weather.Leo continued his challenge whatever the weather. (Image: Anna Gawley)

Leo's granny had planned a fundraiser for the charity, but has become too unwell to carry it out.

Described by his mother as "such a thoughtful, kind boy", Leo offered to raise the money himself.


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Leo continued with his challenge, "whatever the weather", until he had hit the crossbar at least 100 times.

His mother added: "I am so proud of Leo for doing this on behalf of his granny."