Hitchin is still filled with plenty of historic and listed Victorian era buildings, but how much has it changed since the 1940s?

A video uploaded by YouTube channel PIGGIE58, shows a man cycling around the town in the 1940s, and much of it has remained the same.

The buildings on Tilehouse Street are instantly recognisable and have changed very little, while the black and white, wooden-framed building at the end of Hermitage Road looks just as it does now.

There is a noticable different in Bancroft, with the buildings now far more modern than they were in 1940.

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As our cyclist travels past St Mary's Church, subtle differences can be spotted.

Although the Churchyard buildings are the same now as they were then, there is no fence around the graveyard outside the church, with just a low stone wall separating it from the street.

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Hitchin's War Memorial, which was created in 1922 and later updated to commemorate those who died in the First and Second World War, can also be seen in the background.

The video was supposedly made by members of the Hitchin Youth Centre, which appears later in the video when the Queen Mother pays them a visit, although it is not known if this video was from the 1940s or the 1970s.