The Jolly Waggoner pub in Ardeley hosted a launch event to celebrate former University of Hertfordshire student's first book.

Jane Hind, who has published the book as J.A. Hind, has released a book named 'Humans in the Extreme'.

A launch event was held on Thursday evening (May 18), with the book having been available to purchase since last Monday (May 15).


Jane works as a psychotherapist, and lives in Wood End near Ardeley.

The Comet: The Jolly Waggoner in Ardeley.The Jolly Waggoner in Ardeley. (Image: Pearce Bates)

Her book explores humanity's relationship with extreme actions and emotions.

Upon publishing her book, Jane told the Comet: "I'm really excited actually, because it's been five years in the making.

The Comet: Humans in the Extreme, by J. A. Hind.Humans in the Extreme, by J. A. Hind. (Image: Pearce Bates)

"It's quite a milestone and so much has happened in those five years, in terms of what's gone on in the world.

"It's lovely to have something real and to feel it, and to see it."

A gathering of friends and family attended the book's launch, to enjoy speeches and have their copies of the book signed.

The Comet: Jane's husband Michael, giving a speech at the pub.Jane's husband Michael, giving a speech at the pub. (Image: Pearce Bates)

Jane's husband Michael spoke with The Comet at the launch event.

He said: "I'm immensely proud, they say everyone has a book in them.

"Having seen somebody actually write one and see the effort, sheer hard work and diligence and comprehensiveness of it, personally I would never write one!

"It's a huge achievement. Some books, you turn a few pages and think 'I'm not sure I'm going to get through this', whereas with this book you are entertained.

The Comet: Champagne offered at the launch.Champagne offered at the launch. (Image: Pearce Bates)

"It asks you questions, it encourages you to go forward, you start to read something and think 'Wow! I didn't know that existed'."

The Comet also caught up with Andrew Anastasiou of the Goods for Good charity, which benefitted from the proceeds of the launch.

He commented: "What's really interesting is that one of our campaigns is about inspiring human kindness.

The Comet: Andrew Anastasiou of Goods for Good.Andrew Anastasiou of Goods for Good. (Image: Pearce Bates)

"Some of the things, let's hope, that people learn by reading the book will inspire them.

"When they find out about our charity and what can be done, hopefully that can inspire them to be more kind.

"We want to be kind to people, but also the planet, because a lot of our goods would otherwise be in landfill or be incinerated.

"We're saving thousands of tonnes from doing that."