An exhibition at Stevenage Museum has proved so popular that residents are now being given extra time in which to see it.

The African-inspired 'Devine Deezynz' display, by Linda Chambers, will now run until Saturday, June 10.

Linda started Devine Deezynz in 2019, and her exhibition includes clothing, accessories, and jewellery as well as household items like vases and candleholders.

Linda, who was born and raised in Zimbabwe, said: “I adore Africa and I also adore African print. I love to make beautiful and colourful designs that brighten your person and your home.

"I am inspired by my surroundings constantly and by other people. In turn I hope my work will inspire others!

“During my childhood in Zimbabwe, I always loved wrapping African print around me as is the common practice for women, still do from time to time at home. Every print has its own vibrancy and beauty that makes me happy to see it on almost anything I can.

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"I have been banned from using African print on certain items in our home! If I could I would wrap everything with African print!

“When designing an item I get fully engrossed and at times the design gets better as I go along as if there’s an invisible hand guiding me. It’s a truly amazing feeling! That’s why I called my business Devine Deezynz.”

The Comet: The Devine Deezynz display at Stevenage Museum.The Devine Deezynz display at Stevenage Museum. (Image: Brendan Falvey/Stevenage Borough Council)

Cllr Loraine Rossati, executive member for culture, leisure, and information technology, said: "I'm delighted that Linda Chambers' inspiring art and design has been so popular.

"Anyone who has yet to see her display, now is your chance to visit Stevenage Museum and enjoy Devine Deezynz."

The Devine Deezynz exhibition is free to attend, with Stevenage Museum open Wednesday to Friday 10am to 4.30pm, and 10am to 5pm on Saturdays. 

Two cases in the foyer of Stevenage Museum are available for other local artists, groups or schools to showcase their work.

Anybody interested in featuring in them can ring the museum on 01438 218881 from Wednesday to Saturday, or email