Letchworth famously appeared in Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's 2013 film The World's End, but did you know that 10 years earlier, BBC's Top Gear and James May came to town?

For episode four of series three, which originally aired on November 16, 2003, the iconic trio of May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson celebrated 40 years of Lamborghini and their supercars.

While his fellow presenters drove the Miura and Murciélago, James instead got behind the wheel of a car he'd been "waiting 20 years to drive", the Countach.

First released in 1974, the Countach was futuristic and stylish, helping Lamborghini rival fellow Italian manufacturers Ferrari. Today, it is considered a classic among car enthusiasts.

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May tells the tale of the 1980s battle for supercar supremacy between the Countach and Ferrari's Boxer as he drives in LP400 S around indescript countryside, but he soon arrives in a very recognisable town.

"This is Letchworth," he confirms, continuing: "It was the first garden city in the world, and the site of the world's first roundabout. A model of English middle-class suburbia. For a long time, it didn't even have a pub."

The Comet: James May described Letchworth as a model of English middle-class suburbia.James May described Letchworth as a model of English middle-class suburbia. (Image: YouTube/PATARABONA)

"The Countach fits in with all this like a youth with a bad haircut and a can of spray paint," he adds

James can be seen driving around Letchworth landmarks, including Broadway, Broadway Gardens and of course, the world's first roundabout.

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But, the famous part of the segment, which regularly features in Top Gear compilations, comes at the end when the presenter tries to park his supercar in a space along Arena Parade, close to the Broadway Cinema and Letchworth Town Hall.

The Comet: James driving his Countach around the world's first roundabout.James driving his Countach around the world's first roundabout. (Image: YouTube/PATARABONA)

The shops with their recognisable burgundy paint can be seen in the background as May attempts to parallel park.

The Countach's poor rear view forces him to open the cars gull-wing doors and hang out of the side, much to the bemusement of many of the town's passing residents.

Despite professing his childhood love for Lamborghini's legendary car, James is far from happy after an hour behind the wheel.

"Right, let's have a recap on my dream car," he says to conclude the segment.

The Comet: James was far from happy with the Countach.James was far from happy with the Countach. (Image: YouTube/PATARABONA)

"The seat is crippling. The controls are murderous. I'm too hot, I'm deaf, I've been poisoned, I can't see and I can't park.

"This is what going to hell in a handcart probably feels like."

The windows even ruined his view of our county's beautiful countryside, with May adding: "We're here driving through leafy Hertfordshire, and I'm told it's very pretty.

"It looks very pretty through the windscreen, but I can't be so sure out the side."