Labour voters in Mid Bedfordshire are warned not to repeat the “mistake made in Bedford borough”.

Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey was in Ampthill on Tuesday (June 20) to assist the party’s candidate’s pre-by-election campaign, and he had a warning to Labour voters.

“Dave Hodgson [the former Bedford mayor] lost very, very narrowly [in May] and I think it’s a message to Labour voters in Mid Bedfordshire to look at what happened in Bedford,” he said.

“Labour claimed they were going to win, but they came a poor third.

“But they did enough to allow the Tories to creep in.

“So when you look at the result in Bedford, which I think it’s very sad because Dave was a fantastic mayor, there’s a lot of people wishing he was still the mayor.

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“And I think there’s a lot of buyer’s remorse and some people who voted Labour are really regretting it.

“What I’d say to people in Mid Beds is look at Bedford, if you don’t get behind the candidate who can really beat the Conservatives, which is clearly the Liberal Democrats – it was in Bedford, is here in Mid Beds – then you’ll end up with the Tories just scraping in – don’t make that mistake.”

Mr Davey said this was his third recent visit to Mid Beds.

“I can assure you that we are finding lifelong Conservatives switching to us and Labour Party members saying ‘we know Labour can’t win here, you are the challengers to the Conservatives’,” he said.

The Local Democracy Reporting Service asked Mr Davey when he believed the current MP, Nadine Dorries, will follow through with her “quit with immediate effect” claim.

The Comet: Current Mid Bedfordshire MP Nadine Dorries Current Mid Bedfordshire MP Nadine Dorries (Image: PA Media)

“I have no idea, I don’t really know Nadine Dorries,” he replied.

“I get a sense that people have felt that she’s not been as present as a local MP as they might have wanted to, I’ve absolutely picked that up already.

“So we’ll see what she wants to do, it’s up to her.

“But I think people are a bit confused at the moment, locally people keep telling me ‘well, she said she was going to resign with immediate effect, and now she’s not, what is she playing at?’

“And there’s a bit of cynicism about her motive so it’ll be what it’ll be,” he said.

The Lib Dem candidate is Emma Holland-Lindsay, who was recently elected as a Central Bedfordshire councillor.

“If people put their trust in her, and I really hope they do, they’re going to get a fantastic local MP like they’ve never seen before,” Mr Davey said.

“She will be the best MP Mid Beds has ever had.”

Nadine Dorries’ Office was approached for a comment, but it did not respond at the time of publication.