Stevenage came in for high praise during a recent railway documentary on Channel 4.

First aired on Monday, June 26, Ben Elton: The Great British Railway Disaster investigates the current state of our railways, and the consequences of nationalisation.

Taking aim at government handling of the railway network, Elton comments on mass cancellations, a lack of investment, and overcrowded services.

Towards the end of the documentary, the comedian heads to Willesden Junction in north London to meet a family of trainspotters - mum Patience, dad Jeremy, and their two sons, Valentine and Solomon.

Elton asked them for their favourite journeys, and got a surprising response from Valentine, who said: "I do have a favourite railway journey that I've done.

"It was on an InterCity 225 out of London King's Cross, and we went to Stevenage, and it was just brilliant, to be honest."

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While Jeremy laughs, Valentine continues: "I mean, London to Stevenage is probably not what you expected, but it was great!"

InterCity 225 trains were introduced on East Coast Main Line services between 1989 and 1991, but have largely been replaced by the new Azuma locomotives.

Ben Elton: The Great British Railway Disaster is available to watch on-demand via the Channel 4 website.