A mum-of-four left paralysed after she was involved in a car crash that severed her spinal cord has finally come home, after more than a year in hospital. 

In May last year, Jasvinder Kaur, from Hitchin, was driving on the A505, coming into Hitchin, when she was involved in a collision and her car left the road.

She suffered devastating injuries. Her spine was dislocated and her spinal cord severed, leaving her with no movement or sensation below the waist, and limited sensation in her arms.

She had an operation to move her spine back into place, which featured on the BBC show Surgeons: At the Edge of Life.

Jasvinder, 41, is a single mum to four children, aged 10 to 19, with the rest of her family in another country.

The Comet: Jasvinder has four children, aged 10 to 19.Jasvinder has four children, aged 10 to 19. (Image: Courtesy of Priya Kaur)

Her eldest child, Priya, said: "She’s done her absolute best in raising me and my siblings after the passing of our father in 2013. She has always been our rock. She is strong, protective, fun and kind, and we miss her so much."

Jasvinder's life-changing accident happened barely a week after Priya's 18th birthday.

"A year ago, the lives of my family changed forever," she said. 

"Doctors have told my mum that lifelong paralysis is more than likely.

"She has neurone damage, which means she can’t control her arms and fingers in the same way as she used too.

"At long last, after more than a year in hospital, my mum is home."

However, Priya says their home is completely unsuitable for someone in a wheelchair.

"Our only bathroom is upstairs, all our bedrooms are upstairs and our hallways and doors are narrow," she explained.

"A solution could be an extension at the back, for a bathroom that would be suitable for all of my mother’s needs, but the potential funding my mother will receive is not enough for all the work that needs to be done to our home."

Priya says Jasvinder faces living in "a micro environment", where she is "confined to one room" in her home. 

She also highlighted physiotherapy costs, at more than £120 per session.

"It’s scary to think that at this time we’re unable to afford to start building work or physio sessions, we’re wasting crucial time that could be going towards her recovery," she said.

"It is a scary time for us right now, but we are determined to do the best we can.

"People who know my mum, know her as a proud woman. A woman who makes it all happen for me and my brothers and has always gone above and beyond for us to have everything we’ve ever needed. Now it is my turn to attempt to return the favour, and make her life as manageable as possible, despite the challenges.

"I’m still coming to terms with the fact my life may not ever be the way that it was before.

"My mum didn’t deserve the cards she was dealt in this lifetime."

Priya, who has given up her dream of going to university so that she can care for her mum and younger siblings, has set up a Go Fund Me page to raise funds to help pay for adaptions in the home.

If you would like to make a donation, you can visit gofundme.com/f/help-us-make-my-mum-as-comfortable-as-possible.

So far, more than £22,000 of the £40,000 target has been raised. Priya said: "Thank you so much to everyone who has so kindly donated and shared this page. We’re beyond grateful, and words can’t even
explain how glad we are.

"If you able to help in any way, then that would be incredible, but words of support are so welcome too."