Minsden Chapel, near Stevenage and Hitchin, has been the scene of a "heritage crime" after a fire was started and graffiti was drawn.

According to Hertfordshire police, damage was caused to the historic location when a fire was started within the site's inner ruins.

Graffiti was also drawn on recently renovated support structures.


Officers have launched an investigation following the incident, at the reportedly haunted location.

PC Jack Hursey said: “This incident has understandably caused a great deal of upset and is being investigated.

The Comet: A fire was started at the location's inner ruins.A fire was started at the location's inner ruins. (Image: Hertfordshire Constabulary)

“Historical buildings are part of our heritage, left to us over time, and we need to preserve and protect what we have remaining.


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“Monuments, memorials and listed buildings are protected by law and anyone who is found to have committed damage or other criminal activity will be prosecuted.

"Anti-social behaviour will also not be tolerated.

“Additionally, if you are planning to visit any heritage sites, please ensure you have the correct permissions from the landowner to do so.”