A food shed set up by Broom Barns Primary School in Stevenage to help pupils and their families struggling to afford food during the cost-of-living crisis is proving popular. 

"Broom Barns Primary became the first school in Stevenage to set up a much-needed food shed for their families," explained a spokesperson for the school.

"The food shed opens every Monday after school and is very well attended."


Headteacher Jayne Currant explained: "We care very deeply about our children and their families. We know people from every part of our society are suffering hardship at this time, with money worries, job concerns and the pressure of the constant rising cost of living.

The Comet: Second hand uniform is also available at the food shed.Second hand uniform is also available at the food shed. (Image: Broom Barns Primary School)

"As a practical way of expressing our concern, we have set up a school food shed for the families we serve. We are very lucky that we have been supported in setting it up by Kenny Arnold, [from the community group] People for People, and Councillor Conor McGrath. The Kaotic Angels - a group made up of ex-military veterans; serving and ex-police officers; medics and firefighters, kindly offered to provide some of the food and goods we need to stock our food bank.

"With the help of the Kaotic Angels and other donors, we try our very best to ensure every child and every family at Broom Barns has enough food to eat. There is also second hand uniform available.

"We can only provide what we are given or funded to buy, therefore we are always extremely grateful for any donations. The food bank runs as a ‘pay what you can’ scheme and any donations are used to enable the food bank to continue."