Baldock residents have been speaking about what they saw and heard as an inferno engulfed multiple business units in the town's industrial estate yesterday (Tuesday, July 11).

Harprith Mann, 51, an IT bid director from Baldock, told the PA news agency: “I first noticed the fire around 6.45pm as my wife set off to pick up my daughter from volunteering.

“Clouds seemed to be moving fast then noticed the plume of smoke coming from the industrial area behind Tesco Baldock.”

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Mr Mann praised the police’s rapid response to the situation as officers were “quickly on the scene to evacuate workers” while there was an “acrid smell of burning tyres filled the air”.

He added: “Roads were then closed off as firefighters accessed hydrants including from my estate. We were then told by police to get indoors and close windows as risk of asbestos in the air.”

Due to the road closures, Harprith told PA that his wife and children could not access their own home and may have had to spend the night at his parents' house.

The resident added that he had heard explosions: “Sky still has plumes of back smoke in air, we’ve heard intermittent explosions but at one stage at least 30 mins of what sounded like firecrackers going off,” he said.

Another Baldock resident, Nick Howell, told PA that the local community is worried and concerned, particularly for nearby businesses affected by the blaze.

"As a small community, concern is with the small businesses and livelihoods lost in the blaze, and the firefighters involved,” he said.

“Keeping fingers crossed that everyone involved is safe.”

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The East of England Ambulance Service, who also attended the scene, have confirmed that no casualties have been reported.

Herts Fire and Rescue Service has now "scaled down" its response but road closures remain in place and residents are asked to continue to keep their windows closed.