Businesses in Baldock and North Hertfordshire are reacting today (Wednesday, July 12) after a fire tore through more than 40 units on the industrial estate.

The fire began around 6.15pm yesterday and was extinguished today, with firefighters from Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service tackling the blaze overnight.

A final list of businesses that have been affected has yet to be confirmed, but we do know that some buildings in the industrial estate have collapsed.

Marsh Detailing, a car detailing company in the estate, posted on Instagram about "trying to process what has happened and come to terms with losing everything we've worked so hard to get".

"To rub salt in the wound", they say that their contents insurance was due for renewal last week but they had delayed doing so as they were "away on a well deserved holiday".

Run by Emily and Ben Marsh, a JustGiving page has been started to raise funds for the affected owners.

London Twenty Four, a new members' club that was set to open in just two weeks time, is among the businesses that have been most severely affected.

We spoke to one of their owners, who told us that they were in their building yesterday when "next thing you know, the unit next door has gone up in smoke.

"Then the whole building has collapsed, and now it's just gone.

"I couldn't tell you how it had started.

"We're just glad everybody is safe - at the end of the day, we know Baldock is a strong town and we will pull through this.

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"We'd like to thank the fire brigade, who have been amazing, as have all the emergency services and the local community."

In the hours after the fire began, some residents expressed concern that Gatehouse Veterinary Surgery and the animals they treat may have been hurt by the fire.

Thankfully, the vets confirmed to us that they were finishing for the day around the time the fire was reported, and all people and animals had left the building by 7pm.

Also apparently unaffected by the blaze is Horizon House, which is home to businesses such as Helpers Homecare, Hertfordshire Spray Painters, Ian O'Neil Bespoke Furniture and Phoenix Fireplaces.

We spoke to Buzz from Hertfordshire Spray Painters, who told the Comet that they are "truly devastated for all our friends on our estate ... that will now not have a business or job ... some have lost everything".

He spoke about how awful a place it was for a fire to begin: "All the units are all on top of each other, it's all crammed in.

"It's the nature of the materials that everybody naturally uses in there.

"I've never seen anybody being wilfully ignorant or doing anything dangerous, but the materials everybody uses - paint, wood, compressors, oil, tyres - makes it worse.

"The units being together isn't ideal but it's multiplied by all the materials that the businesses here have to use.

"The emergency services haven't been able to tell us much - they were trying to radio through for any news but couldn't get any.

"They couldn't confirm whether my unit had burned down or not.

"We have been told it will be at least a couple of days before we can go back inside, as emergency services have to make sure that what's still standing is safe to use.

"I'm gutted for all the other businesses. Some have spent 20, 30 years building them up, and have poured so much money into them.

"Some doors for the most expensive kitchen I've ever quoted for are in my unit, but I'm relatively grateful as it could be so much worse."

If you own a business in Baldock industrial estate and would be happy to speak to us, please email