A stunning new mural painted in Hitchin has brought a bright new look to the market as it celebrates the best of the town.

Designed and painted by street artist Mr Meana, the mural can be found on the wall next to the steps up to B656, and depicts popular Hitchin landmarks, as well as clubs and people that make the town special.

Among them is Alan Myatt, a beloved figure who was town crier for more than 20 years, and set two Guinness World Records for the loudest crier, recording a cry of 112.8 decibels, and for vocal endurance, issuing a one-hundred word proclamation every 15 minutes for a period of 48 hours.

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The Comet: St Mary's Church and Hitchin Lavender are marked on the mural.St Mary's Church and Hitchin Lavender are marked on the mural. (Image: Dan Mountney)

The Queen Mother is also honoured, having been born in Hitchin before spending her childhood in nearby St Paul's Walden, as well as having the Queen Mother Theatre in Walsworth Road named after her.

Hitchin Town Football Club, who played in the first ever FA Cup, are marked with a bright yellow canary, while a hedgehog is included for Hitchin Rugby Club.

The historic St Mary's Church is also part of the artwork, as is a depiction of Market Place thriving during its heyday.

Hitchin Lavender, an incredibly popular tourist attraction on the outskirts of town is part of the mural, as is the Gatwards clock tower, which stands near the more than 260-year-old jewellery store that is now being run by a ninth generation of the Gatward family.

The Comet: