A man mowing his lawn in Letchworth on Saturday got a shock when he came across a snake.

His wife, Tracy, put out an appeal on Facebook, asking: "Has anyone in the Grange area lost a pet snake? My husband got a fright when trying to cut the grass this morning!"

The brave pair took the reptile to Perfect Aquatics in Henlow - previously the Japanese Koi Company - "who kindly offered to hold on to it", Tracy said.

Luckily, the owner of the pet snake spotted Tracy's Facebook appeal on Sunday and has now been reunited with the reptile.


"He is mine," she said. "Thank you, Tracy, for being an incredible human and taking him somewhere safe."

She called him a "little escape artist" and said she was "glad to have him home".

What would you have done if you had come across a snake in your garden?

One Letchworth resident said: "I literally would have fainted there and then! I’ve heard a lot of snakes have been escaping recently!"

Another said: "If I saw a snake, I’d have a heart attack."

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