More than £25.5m is set to be invested into full-fibre broadband, which will "truly unleash Hitchin's potential", according to the network company responsible. 

Work by Netomnia - which is currently under way - will see 85,000 homes gain access to full-fibre "gigabit-capable broadband".

According to the company, residents of the town and its surrounding area will benefit from the UK’s largest exclusively 10 gigabites-per-second network.


Due to a partnership with GNS Communications, the company says it will "minimise disruption to the local community", by using existing ducting and overhead poles wherever possible.

The Comet: 85,000 homes will have access to the broadband.85,000 homes will have access to the broadband. (Image: Netomnia)

Netomnia's managing director, Zoltan Kovacs, said: "We are delighted to announce our ongoing efforts in Hitchin.

"Our reliable full fibre broadband can truly unleash the potential of the area and give those that other providers left behind an opportunity to benefit from all the positives the internet brings with it.


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“By providing future-proof broadband, we aim to unlock limitless opportunities, fuel innovation, and strengthen the local community.

"It is truly fantastic to be part of this journey, enhancing digital experiences and contributing to the advancement of Hitchin's vibrant business ecosystem and the everyday lives of its residents.”

Netomnia's postcode checker can be used to check whether your property will be connected to the network.