Stephen McPartland, the MP for Stevenage, is less likely to turn up to vote in the House of Commons than any other active Conservative MP.

According to analysis by the Times, he voted in 35 out of 227 divisions between October 2022, when Rishi Sunak became prime minister, and July 2023, when the summer recess began.

Only Nadine Dorries voted less often among active Conservative MPs during that period, and she has now resigned from her position as MP for Mid Bedfordshire.

A government source told the Times that Ms Dorries and Mr McPartland were "perpetual absentees".

Kevin Bonavia, Labour's candidate for Stevenage at the next general election, told the Comet that "our town and villages are missing an MP", and described Mr McPartland's attendance record at votes as "woeful".

The Comet: Kevin Bonavia said that our town and villages are missing an MP.Kevin Bonavia said that our town and villages are missing an MP. (Image: Kevin Bonavia)

He added: "Our residents deserve that representation right now and shouldn't have to wait until a general election to get it."

During the campaign for the 2010 general election, at which he was first elected, Mr McPartland said that he would treat being Stevenage's MP "as a full-time job".

He has previously faced criticism for his outside earnings, which currently include £4,166 per month for ten hours work as a non-executive director for Furniture Village.

He is also a director of McPartland Consulting Ltd, which was established within 12 months of him becoming MP for Stevenage.

Mr McPartland currently earns £86,584 per year as an MP. He has announced that he will be standing down at the next general election, with Alex Clarkson recently selected to replace him as the Conservative candidate for Stevenage.

We asked Mr McPartland whether he has considered following in Nadine Dorries' footsteps and resigning as an MP. He did not respond.

Commenting on this story, Mr Bonavia said: "Our town and villages are missing an MP both in Parliament and around the constituency.

"Mr McPartland's attendance for Commons votes is woeful at only 15 per cent in the past year, missing votes on many critical issues, including the debate on the dangerous condition of many school buildings held in May this year [Mr McPartland also did not vote on a motion about the safety of school buildings that was brought before the House earlier this week]. 

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"In the whole of that same period, I have only seen him at one community event in the constituency, and the lack of advice surgeries for residents is baffling. 

"Since his announcement a few months ago that he would not stand again at the next general election, he may well have checked out mentally from the job already.

"For my own part, I'm clear that the job demands that I be a full-time MP and that I make myself accessible to residents through regular advice surgeries."

Mr Bonavia has previously said that he would never take a second job if he is elected as Stevenage's MP.