A fundraiser has been launched to help pay for a kitten's much-needed surgery, after it fell from a fifth-floor window in Stevenage.

On September 10, Mewtwo, a four-month-old Calico kitten, suffered the traumatic fall onto concrete, with owner Rachel Seagroatt saying: "She suffered head damage, bruised lungs, a broken pelvis and a fractured hip.

"We were told when we rushed her to the vet that her chances were not looking good.

"Expecting the worst, when the vet eventually called they said her test results were surprisingly positive and while she was still in critical condition, she was alive."

Mewtwo's condition has steadily improved, but she now requires surgery to help return her life to normal.

"As her condition continued somehow to improve, the vet began discussing the surgery she would need in order to give her the best chance of a normal life again," Rachel continued. 

"If she did not get her surgery, she would be unable to walk properly ever again, she would likely develop arthritis as a kitten and would be in pain for the rest of her life."

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The Comet: Mewtwo with her big brother, Tito.Mewtwo with her big brother, Tito. (Image: Rachel Seagroatt)

But, with Rachel having already spent £2,000 on vet bills, and the much-needed surgery costing £5,000, she has launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for Mewtwo.

"We understand that money is tight for a lot of people at the moment, ourselves included, but one of the things that has made this whole situation easier in our household is Mewtwo, who we believe deserves the best chance of a good life, and to be able to get back to her big brother, Tito, who isn't quite the same without her," she said.

"This fundraiser is to cover the cost of her surgery, her aftercare and the extraneous vet visits and check ups. Anything that you could spare could be life-changing for her and for us.

"If we end up with an excess, we will donate it to a charity that contributes to vet costs for others who may end up in the same awful position as we are."

So far, more than £3,900 has been raised. You can donate by visiting gofundme.com/f/npjrtp-mewtwos-surgery.