Citizens Advice North Herts shares 5 top tips to help you manage your money. 

1. Make a budget 

Making a budget by listing all the money you have coming in and everything that is going out is the single most useful thing you can do to take control of your money.

It helps you see where your money is going, makes it easier to pay bills on time, save money for the things you want, prepare for emergencies and plan for the future.  

2. Set some cash aside whenever you can 

With the increasing cost of living, it can seem difficult to save, and what you can put away will depend on your available income.

That said, it’s a good idea to regularly put some money aside for unexpected costs.  

3. Have a regular ‘money day’ 

Regularly setting aside time to sort your paperwork and look at your money can help you feel more confident and in control of your cash.

Take a pause to look at your budget and your recent spending, plan for any events that might be coming up and look at what changes you could make in future. 

4. Be smart with credit and borrowing 

Whenever you take out a loan, overdraft, credit card, phone contract or use a buy now pay later service you are agreeing to a legal contract called a credit agreement.

Used responsibly, credit and borrowing can help people spread the cost of larger purchases and build a credit history that can make it easier to access cost-effective borrowing in the future. But failing to manage credit responsibly can have a negative affect your credit. 

5. Know where to go for support when you need it and don’t put off seeking help 

We can all face problems that seem complicated or intimidating. At Citizens Advice we believe no one should have to face these problems without good quality, independent advice. 

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