Central Bedfordshire Council has launched a public survey after receiving notice from BT that 11 public payphones in the area are no longer needed.

BT has evaluated these payphones based on criteria from Ofcom, and is planning to remove them. 

They include two in Shefford - in Ampthill Road and Greenway Campton - and one in Hitchin Road in Henlow Camp.

Notices have been affixed to these payphones, and Central Bedfordshire Council is expected to provide a formal response to BT by November 14.


"In the past, if the local authority expressed opposition to BT's plan to eliminate a payphone, BT couldn't proceed with the removal," the council explained. "However, the guidelines have been updated, and the authority's ability to veto such removals has been removed."

The council is conducting a survey to gather the opinions of local people regarding the proposals. "This survey will help the council gather evidence to shape its response," the local authority explained.

The survey, which can be accessed at centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/surveys, is open until October 29.


Meanwhile, councils and charities have the opportunity to adopt a traditional red ‘heritage’ telephone box for an alternative community use.

Some examples of how phone boxes have been used include housing defibrillators, art galleries and libraries.

Communities can adopt most red boxes for just £1. For more information, visit bt.com/adopt.