Three ferrets abandoned down an alleyway in Stevenage, and found by a member of the public in a bare cage covered in faeces, are now looking for loving homes.

The trio were spotted behind Macrae Close on the morning of September 29. All three were skinny, but otherwise in good health, the RSPCA said, adding that the bare cage they were confined to was strewn with faeces and did not have any toys or props, which typically ferrets need for enrichment.

The Comet: This little fellow has been named Aphrodite by RSPCA staff.This little fellow has been named Aphrodite by RSPCA staff. (Image: RSPCA Suffolk Central)

RSPCA animal rescue officer Nick Jonas picked the ferrets up and transported them to RSPCA Martlesham Animal Centre, which is run by RSPCA Suffolk Central Branch.

He said: "There was no CCTV in the area and, although I put up a notice on a lamppost at the location to see if I could get some information about how these poor ferrets were left in such poor circumstances, sadly no-one has got in touch.


The Comet: Athena was abandoned along with Artemis and Aphrodite.Athena was abandoned along with Artemis and Aphrodite. (Image: RSPCA Suffolk Central)

"It does make you despair why someone would do this and it was fortunate these animals were found relatively quickly - it was likely they had been abandoned the night before.

"They were in a large cage and ferrets do need large enclosures, but they also need a lot more from their owners. They are agile and lively pets who thrive on outdoor exercise as well, so they can explore and play.

"We don’t pick up many abandoned ferrets, so this was an unusual abandonment.

"To care for these animals properly does take time as well as a bit of expertise, so it may be that whoever left them has not been able to show that commitment, although they should have sought help before they took such a senseless course of action."


RSPCA staff at Martlesham have named the ferrets, who are all female, Artemis, Athena and Aphrodite, after the Greek goddesses of wild animals, wisdom and love respectively.

They will rehome them after they have been neutered.

Anyone interested in adopting the ferrets can contact RSPCA Suffolk Central Branch by calling 0300 9997321 or emailing