Hertfordshire police are set to use drones to tackle dangerous driving.

Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire services will join the Constabulary in using the technology, which will see drones fly above main roads  to reduce fatal or serious crashes.

The action will continue throughout the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) national speed operation, which began on Monday (October 16) and will run until next Sunday (October 29).

According to Hertfordshire Constabulary, 175 people were killed or seriously injured due to speeding drivers across the three counties last year (2022).

Depending on the offence witnessed by the drones, words of advice may be offered or fines and penalty points may be given.


In the most serious of cases, drivers may be reported to court for prosecution or arrested on the spot.

Inspector Iain Clark said: “Using drones will not be us spying on motorists who are not doing anything wrong, this will be us targeting those who are putting others and themselves at risk by driving dangerously, which could cause a serious injury or fatal collision.

“We will be working with our Road Policing Unit colleagues to call in any unsafe driving on our roads, to ensure those responsible are dealt with appropriately.”