Hertfordshire is set to avoid the effects of Storm Babet, as sporadic rain is predicted for the area.

The Met Office has released yellow and red weather warnings for parts of the UK, including much of Scotland today (Saturday, October 21).

However, Hertfordshire appears to have missed much of the storm's effects, and is now set for periods of rain throughout the day.

Here's the Met Office's predictions across the county.


Today's weather in the East of England is due to be "generally cloudy and dry" with showers later in the day.

A 50 per cent chance of rain is predicted until 12noon in Watford, with a 90 per cent chance between 3pm and 5pm.

Tomorrow, however, will be mostly cloudy and sunny with a below 5 per cent chance of rain throughout the day.

St Albans

Throughout today, St Albans is set for a cloudy sky and showers of rain.

A 50 per cent chance of precipitation is present between 1pm and 3pm this afternoon, before a 40 per cent chance between 5pm and 6pm.

Tomorrow will be sunny and cloudy, with a high of 14 degrees.

Welwyn Garden City

Similar weather is expected in Welwyn Garden City, with a 50 per cent chance of rain at 11am, 3pm, 6pm and 7pm.

A high of 14 degrees is expected, with a low of 10.

Tomorrow will see sun and clouds, and a high of 14 degrees.


Stevenage is set for a dark and cloudy day, with rain expected between 2pm and 3pm, and between 6pm and 7pm.

The town will see a high of 14 degrees and a low of eight.

The sun will return tomorrow, with uninterrupted sunlight expected between 9am and 12noon.