There are over two million people in Britain currently experiencing gambling harms, which can cause issues with debt, housing, relationships and poor mental health.

Are you worried about your gambling or someone that you know? There are many things you can do to get support. You might want to:

  • Start to limit how much money you gamble.
  • Talk to someone about your gambling problem.
  • Get help to deal with debt.
  • Check if you can get a refund if you’ve borrowed money.
  • Complain to the company if you were still allowed to gamble after you self-excluded.
  • Get support if you’re finding things difficult.

You can also get help if you’re worried about someone else’s gambling.

Let’s examine these steps outlined above. If you are concerned that you are gambling more money than you can afford, your gambling companies and financial services providers to help.

You can limit the amount of money you gamble or ask your company to block bets at certain times. Also, you can ask your bank to restrict your gambling spend.

If you want to stop spending money on gambling, downloading blocking software onto your devices can prevent access to gambling websites.

Further details on blocking software can be obtained from the GambleAware website.

You also have the option to self-exclude by contacting gambling companies and following the procedures outlined on the GambleAware website.

Your bank can also assist you by blocking payments to gambling companies or temporarily freezing your card.

Information on how your bank can support you in managing your gambling can be found on the GamCare website.

Helping Others with Gambling Issues

If you are affected by someone else's gambling, it is important to seek help.

This may include obtaining emotional support for yourself, initiating a conversation with the individual about their gambling problem, assisting them in getting the help they need, assessing your responsibility for any shared debt, seeking assistance with your own financial struggles, and safeguarding shared assets from potential harm.

Dealing with someone's gambling problem can be highly distressing, and it is normal to experience feelings of anxiety, anger, or hurt.

Remember, you can rely on support from the charity GamCare during this challenging time.

If you can, discuss the gambling problem with the individual involved. Starting a conversation about gambling can be challenging, but it is important to communicate how their behaviour is affecting you and to find out the extent of the problem.

Assure them that assistance is available should they choose to seek it. For guidance on how to approach such conversations, refer to the GambleAware website.

By following these steps, you can take control of your gambling habits or help assist someone struggling with a gambling problem.

Remember, help is available for both individuals and their loved ones; contact Citizens Advice North Hertfordshire for practical advice on how to start.