The antics of a cat that has made Stevenage Railway Station her second home have gone viral. 

Affectionate tabby cat Nala is often perched on a ticket gate at the busy station and is well-known to commuters, who delight in giving her a fuss and taking her photograph.

Her owners - Natasha Ambler, her partner Lewis, seven-year-old Annabelle and three-year-old Grayson - live a 10-minute walk from the station.

The Comet: Nala enjoys the attention she receives from commuters.Nala enjoys the attention she receives from commuters. (Image: Courtesy of Lewis Ames)

Nala's family have set up a Facebook group - The Adventures of Nala - where hundreds of people have posted their photos of the cat. The group currently has more than 4,500 followers, and the famous feline has gone viral on TikTok and Instagram.

The family pet's antics have now drawn national media attention, with Nala featuring on BBC News, Sky News and ITV's Lorraine this week, where she was dubbed the "unofficial ticket officer" at Stevenage train station.

The Comet: Stevenage Railway Station is one of Nala's favourite hangouts.Stevenage Railway Station is one of Nala's favourite hangouts. (Image: Steph Mcrickus)


Nala is a RSPCA rescue cat, picked up at 12 weeks old, and has a brother called Simba - both named by Annabelle, after characters in the Lion King.

Natasha said: "She's always explored from a young age. On a typical day, she will walk anywhere between five and 12 miles.

"Simba is the opposite. He lays around the house most of the day and has never left the street.

The Comet: Her antics have gone viral on social media.Her antics have gone viral on social media. (Image: Courtesy of Lewis Ames)

"Nala used to fight with another cat further down the street, so always headed in the direction of the train station and leisure park, using the underpass to avoid the dual carriageway.

"She was hit by a car a few weeks after being let out [for the first time], so we think this made her more street-smart and learn to avoid roads and be aware of cars."

Natasha continued: "She is well-loved and known by many local businesses, including Airbus and Plumbcity, where she regularly ventures into the showroom, and many restaurants on the leisure park."

The Comet: Nala is fitted with a GPS tracker, so her owners can always find her.Nala is fitted with a GPS tracker, so her owners can always find her. (Image: Courtesy of Lewis Ames)


Adventurous Nala has been fitted with tags to tell people she is not a lost cat, and she is also fitted with a GPS tracking device.

"We were receiving as many as 20 calls some days. This has calmed down to three or four calls a day now," Natasha said.

"Although Nala’s favourite place is the train station and leisure park, she still loves to explore. This week, she’s walked about 35 miles and also visited the town centre, King George V Playing Fields, the police station, Airbus and Costco!"

The Comet: Nala has been giving commuters a warm welcome.Nala has been giving commuters a warm welcome. (Image: Rich Goldthorpe)

Nala typically returns home after the morning commuter rush, and goes back to the station before the afternoon rush. 

"She must love the attention she receives," Natasha said.

"Lewis typically picks her up from the station most nights around 9pm or 10pm. She follows straightaway and jumps into the car, typically eats dinner, and often then goes straight back to the station!

"Our biggest fear is that she actually gets on a train one day and we have to pick her up from somewhere far away, like Edinburgh!"

To follow Nala's antics, search for 'The Adventures of Nala' on Facebook, or nala_station_cat on TikTok and Instagram.