More than 16,000 extra potholes have been repaired on roads across Hertfordshire in the past few months.

Earlier this year the government awarded the county council almost £3.95million from the national ‘Potholes Fund’.

Since then, thousands of lower priority potholes on the county’s roads – that would not usually meet the council’s criteria of ‘pothole’ – have been repaired.

On Thursday (November 2) – at a meeting of the council’s Highways and Transport cabinet panel – councillors heard that 16,500 of these ‘potholes’ had already been repaired, as a result of the government funding.

That, they were told, was in addition to the more serious ‘category one potholes’ that would have been repaired anyway, and the work was ongoing.

The meeting heard that in a typical year the council would repair around 20,000 potholes in Hertfordshire.

But, with the additional funds, by the end of this year they expect to double that figure to 40,000.

It was reported to councillors that last winter (2022/23) roads had suffered "exceptional damage" as a result of challenging weather conditions.

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Head of highways operations Chrissy Jacques said that following those "really challenging conditions of the winter period", it had been decided that the council’s £3.9m allocation should be ploughed into potholes.