Hertfordshire County Council has welcomed the decision to stop plans to close ticket offices at railway stations across the county.

In July this year, the Rail Delivery Group unveiled proposals which could have lead to nearly all offices being shut, with facilities only remaining open at the busiest stations.

The proposals to close railway ticket offices in England “did not meet the high thresholds” of serving rail passengers, Transport Secretary Mark Harper said, and the plans have now been shelved.

The public consultation process saw 750,000 responses, including one from Hertfordshire County Council, who objected to the plans on behalf of residents.

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"Common sense has prevailed," said Councillor Phil Bibby, executive member for highways and transport at Hertfordshire County Council.

"At a time when we are trying to encourage more people to use public transport the rail industry should be doing all it can to attract passengers rather than putting barriers in the way."

Cllr Bibby now wants to see train fare reforms, adding: "We encourage the Government to push through its long-awaited proposals to simplify train fares, support the roll out of contactless ticketing while also working with Transport for London to include more Hertfordshire stations in Zone 6."