A Hertfordshire man has won £1 million from a National Lottery game.

The mystery winner, Mr H, plans to pay off his mortgage after becoming a millionaire from the Cash Bolt Millionaire Gold game, according to a National Lottery spokesperson.

They declined to reveal which part of the county the man is from.

He has become one of over eight million players to win each week on the National Lottery’s range of games, the spokesperson added. The game costs £5 to play with a one in 2.76 chance of winning a prize.

Andy Carter, senior winners’ advisor at The National Lottery, said, “Huge congratulations to Mr H for winning this fantastic prize. He has become a millionaire overnight and can now look forward to being mortgage-free. Huge congratulations.”

The game is currently not available to play but a Christmas version is available on the National Lottery app called Cash Bolt Christmas Millionaire.

The lottery has helped fund projects across the UK with £30 million generated weekly due to players.