A petition to install additional lighting at Fairlands Valley Park in Stevenage has reached 1,000 signatures.

Organised by Jennifer Huygen, the petition is hoping to persuade Stevenage Borough Council that there is a need for more lighting in the park to encourage people to use it after dark.

Jennifer said that the lack of lighting creates an unsafe environment for people - especially women - who would like to enjoy the park in the evenings and at night.

Currently, there is some lighting on east-west routes through the park (i.e. on the short side) but not on north-south routes (i.e. from one end of the lakes to the other).

She launched the petition at the start of this month, and it has since gone from strength-to-strength, gaining the support of more than 1,000 people and of local groups including Cycling UK Stevenage, Fairlands Valley Spartans, and the Stevenage Striders Running Club.

Jennifer has been advertising her petition at sporting matches, businesses and community groups across Stevenage.

She said: "Reaching 1,000 signatures is not just a number; it's a powerful message from our community. It shows that people from all walks of life understand the importance of making our beloved park a safer and more accessible place for everyone.


"The level of engagement and support we've seen is truly heartening. From football fans to dog walkers, the community's unified voice is clear – we need a brighter Fairlands Valley Park. It's about safety, accessibility, and making the most of our beautiful local park.

"Each signature represents a community member's hope for a brighter future in our park. We are inspired and motivated to keep pushing forward."

Reaching the 1,000 signature mark means that the petition has now prompted a debate at a full meeting of Stevenage Borough Council.

A spokesperson for the council confirmed that this will take place at the next meeting in December, "where councillors will discuss the petition and make a decision about this initiative".

The petition remains open for further signatures and can be viewed at www.brighterpathsstevenage.org.uk.