This season is for most a time for joy and celebration, but for many families, it can be a time of financial stress and uncertainty.

With thousands of people struggling to make ends meet, it's important to remember that the gift of good advice can make a world of difference.

Rachel*, aged 50, has two part-time jobs that earn her approximately £600 per month. She lives with her partner and elder son, who are both employed in the construction industry, and her teenage son. 

When Rachel contacted CANH, the family were already struggling financially owing to the cost-of-living crisis.

Now, with her partner soon to be made redundant, the family were confronted with a sudden drop in income of £400 a week. Rachel wondered how the family would be able to afford the basics and make ends meet.

Our adviser carried out a full benefit check on Rachel’s behalf. He discovered that she was entitled to more than £250 Universal Credit per month and talked her through the application process.

Owing to the family’s short-term financial crisis, he also issued a fuel voucher and a supermarket voucher. Together, these amounted to £200 of immediate financial assistance.

This Christmas, as many people choose to make a charity donation in lieu of Christmas cards and gifts, we are asking you to consider donating to Citizens Advice North Herts - or perhaps make it your New Year’s resolution to support us with a regular monthly donation.

We provide vital advice and practical support to those in need. By giving the gift of good advice, you can help families who are skipping meals and struggling to keep their homes warm.

Citizens Advice North Herts provides free, confidential advice and support to those facing a variety of challenges, including housing, debt, and employment issues.

As the cost-of-living crisis continues to impact more and more people, the demand for our services is greater than ever.

By donating, you can help ensure that families have access to the support and guidance they need to overcome their challenges and build a brighter future.

This Christmas, please consider giving the gift of good advice and making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Marissa* is a single mum who has just graduated. She works part-time and receives Universal Credit to top up her income. She has had some difficult years and has some debts.

Marissa asked for help and we discussed various options. She decided she would like to apply for a Debt Relief Order and we are supporting her getting all the documents she needs in order.

She finds the process daunting but our regular catch-ups reassure her she can get the DRO set up and the confidence she can be in charge of her finances. 

Marissa had a negative budget so we discussed how she could improve her financial situation to avoid getting into debts again.

She is determined to take the opportunity to have a clean slate and start again.

When you donate to CANH, you will be helping a local charity helping local people. We don’t just help people in immediate crisis.

We’re there to help work towards a long-term solution and to find a way forward.

Our support and information changes people’s lives for the better. Last year we gave nearly 6,000 residents one-to-one support with around 12,000 issues; giving them the knowledge and confidence to find a way forward.

We also held 110 community events and workshops. Everything we do and the way in which we work, benefits individuals and our local community. Your donation can help us build a brighter future.

You can donate to us this Christmas or set up a regular donation to us by visiting our website: