Hertfordshire is set to be hit by freezing temperatures this week, but will the county be swept with a blanket of snow?

Thursday's weather is predicted to start with lows of -3° before eventually warming up to 3°. Expect a cold night though, with temperatures dropping to -2° by around 9pm.

Friday looks set to be even worse, with most set to arrive at work around 9am with the temperatures at just -2°. Things will warm up to just above freezing in the afternoon, but quickly drop back below zero by 6pm.

The story is much the same on Saturday with lows of -4° and highs of 3°, but the weather will start to improve on Sunday, with temperatures set to stay above freezing throughout the day, with the mercury reaching up to 4°.

And the start of next week will see temperatures above freezing, with lows of 4° and highs of 6°.

But, can we expect snow to fall on Hertfordshire? The answer, according to the latest weather reports, is no.

There will be some showers on Sunday and Monday, but no snow is forecast for our area.