Hitchin has been chosen as the launchpad for a new project focussed on taking action against human trafficking and slavery.

Launching at 7pm today (Thursday, November 30) at Our Lady Immaculate and St Andrews Catholic Church, the national project has been organised by the Santa Marta Group in a catholic parish in the town.

Sessions will be held across catholic parishes and community groups, providing awareness and guidance on how residents can "use their individual and collective voices to increase actions in countering this horrific crime".

Cardinal Nichols, president of the Santa Marta Group, said: “This crime against humanity damages individuals and communities everywhere, for these victims of human trafficking are not remote; they are in our midst, in our local communities here in the UK.

"We are all part of this endeavour.


"Individuals and local communities can change events through what we do and what we demand is done by the police, government agencies and businesses in our neighbourhoods.

"I appeal to all of you to take up this challenge.

"These resources, prepared by the Santa Marta Group, will inform you about human trafficking and show what you can do to bring about the changes that will end this evil trade and help to restore freedom and dignity to so many of our brothers and sisters.”