A man who took a bike safety course in Stevenage was able to use the skills he gained to save the life of a fellow biker just days afterwards.

Davis Mpavaenda attended a Biker Down and Bike Safe course in March this year at Stevenage's Joint Emergency Services Academy.

Within five days, he witnessed the aftermath of a crash - with a motorcyclist lying on the ground and surrounded by distressed people.

Most who had stopped to help told Davis not to move the biker, but he was able to use the knowledge he had learned on the course to deliver first aid to the man, who was not breathing at the time.

With the help of another man at the scene, Davis safely removed the helmet strap, which was restricting the biker’s airway, allowing him to breathe again and saving his life.

Davis had attended the course so he could get back on his bike after getting into an accident himself, and is now encouraging others to attend the course too.

He said: “I would suggest doing Biker Down for two things. The first for a selfish reason, for a biker it’s your own safety. The course allows you to be responsible.


"The second thing is just for you, it’s a feel-good factor. For me, after having assisted the casualty, I walked away feeling good that I gave this person back to their family. Perhaps if I wasn’t there, what would’ve happened?”

Tony Smith, community protection manager at Hertfordshire County Council and fire bike team leader, said: “For the last two years, we’ve been running a combined Biker Down - Bike Safe course with colleagues in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Hertfordshire Road Policing Unit and that’s been working really well.

"The two courses are very supportive of each other and similar in content, and police colleagues and ourselves have really enjoyed delivering those. We’re pleased the work we are doing is having a direct impact on keeping our communities safe and well.”

The free Biker Down and Bike Safe course that Davis attended was jointly delivered by Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service and Hertfordshire Constabulary. If you are a motorcyclist and would like to attend one, you can email bikerdown@hertfordshire.gov.uk to reserve a space.