A map has revealed where to get the cheapest pint in Hertfordshire’s Wetherspoon pubs.

When visiting a JD Wetherspoon pub, punters usually expect a cheap pint, but might be surprised how much variety there is in pricing between the chain’s locations.

Walking into The Moon Under Water in Leicester Square can land you with a £6.47 pint of Guinness while The Moon Under Water in Watford sets you back just £3.66.

The data, collated from the Wetherspoon app by Pantry and Larder, is accurate as of October 3.

Avoid making the wrong choice with the list below:

Waterend Barn, St Albans: Carling £3.89 - Guinness £3.66

The Moon Under Water, Watford: Carling £3.77 - Guinness £3.66

The Star, Hoddesdon: Carling £3.66 – Guinness £3.66

The Pennsylvanian, Rickmansworth: Carling £3.64 - Guinness £3.53

The Crown, Berkhamsted: Carling £3.64 - Guinness £3.32

The Six Templars, Hertford: Carling £3.64 – Guinness £3.55

The Port Jackson, Bishop’s Stortford: Carling £3.64 – Guinness £3.55 (A Guinness in The Windmill, Stansted Airport is £6.30!)

The Angel Vaults Inn, Hitchin: Carling £3.54 – Guinness £3.45

View the full UK interactive map here

The Comet: Screenshot from Pantry and Larder's map.Screenshot from Pantry and Larder's map. (Image: Pantry and Larder/web)

The Standing Order, Stevenage: Carling £3.54 – Guinness £3.45

The Manor House, Royston: Carling £3.54 – Guinness £3.45

Harpsfield Hall, Hatfield: Carling £3.54 – Guinness £3.45

The Hart & Spool, Borehamwood: Carling £3.54 – Guinness £3.32

The Moon and Cross, Waltham Cross: Carling £3.54 – Guinness £3.32

The Full House, Hemel Hempstead: Carling £3.06 – Guinness £3.53

The Admiral Byng, Potters Bar: Carling £2.88 – Guinness £3.32

The Three Magnets, Letchworth: Carling £2.58 – Guinness £3.09