If you’re studying for examinations after the Christmas holidays, it can be difficult to keep up with your studies with so many temptations to enjoy over the festive period. No-one wants to miss out on the Christmas holiday spirit! But, with a bit of organisation and planning for your exam prep you’ll be able to fit in important revision and still have time for fun and relaxation.   

Here are six top tips from St. Francis’ College in Letchworth that will help with your revision:

1.) Set a time to study every day

It’s tricky to study over the holidays when the days are unpredictable and you feel an obligation to spend time with your family. Choosing a time when you’re going to study every morning (and getting out of bed to do it!) should work best as you’re more productive at that time of day and getting on with your studies then is easier when you know you will have the rest of the day free. Make sure you’re family know this is your plan as then they can try to keep that time free. 

2.) Work out a study timetable and be realistic about what you can achieve

Make yourself a realistic revision timetable. There’s no point planning a 7am-to-midnight schedule; you’ll soon feel demoralised and give up. Try planning learning in 40-minute slots, with regular breaks and an hour off for lunch.

3.) Keep active

Regular physical activity improves your muscle strength and brain power, giving you energy to think more clearly and to concentrate. A short 15 minute break from revision to move around, and ideally get some fresh air, makes your body produce more energy whilst also making you feel happier.

4.) Remove (Some) Temptations

We’re not talking about chocolates! Avoid having iPads and mobiles in your study area as they can be too distracting. If you need to use devices for your studies, use an app that will switch off alerts. You can, however, keeps snacks and drinks at hand and treat yourself to something once you’ve tackled a topic or finished revising a target number of pages.

5.) Keep Calm

Whatever happens, keep your cool. Whilst you can plan your study time, it’s possible it will get disrupted. Don’t worry if this happens. Simply get back on track with your plan and remember that all anyone expects you to do is your own personal best.

6.) Take Christmas Day off

Christmas comes but once a year – so put the books down for a day and enjoy it! It will also act as incentive in the first half of the holidays, knowing that you’re not going to be studying on the big day itself.