A primary school in Stevenage has been rated good in all areas by education watchdog Ofsted.

Many pupils at St Vincent de Paul Catholic Primary School "are very happy here," and "feel valued as unique individuals," where "respecting differences is incredibly important," the Ofsted report published yesterday (December 12) says.

It follows an inspection of the school in November, where Ofsted found that "the school has high expectations for what pupils can achieve," and that "pupils work hard to reach these expectations."

In many subjects, the school has recently redesigned the curriculum, clearly identifying the important knowledge pupils need to know and remember from Nursery to Year 6, the report says, adding that the school provides useful training for staff to develop their subject knowledge.

The report continues: "A love of reading flows through the entire curriculum. Carefully chosen books provide pupils with a varied and rich reading diet."

Meanwhile, "pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are supported very well," Ofsted said.

"The school identifies the needs of pupils with SEND with precision when children join the school in the early years.

"Useful training and guidance help staff to understand how to support pupils with SEND.

"Teachers carefully tailor activities so pupils with SEND can successfully access the curriculum."

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Identifying room for improvement, Ofsted found instances where teachers introduce new content before pupils have secured their understanding of the important prior knowledge they need.

"The school should ensure staff have the knowledge they need to be able to identify the gaps pupils have and adapt their teaching accordingly," the watchdog said.

It also said: "Some subject leaders have only started to understand where the [new] curriculum is working well and where it needs to improve.

"The school should ensure they provide subject leaders with the knowledge and guidance they need to identify how to improve the quality of education in their subjects."

Headteacher Alexandra Whitty said: "We are delighted with the outcome of our most recent Ofsted.

"The inspectors were quick to comment on the respect our children show towards one another, their good behaviour and the high standards of work that the children were so proud to share.

"The school will continue to build on its great practise with the continued support of its staff, pupils and families."