A planning application to build two new homes on green space in Stevenage has been refused.

TGR Developers had hoped to construct two three-bedroom semi-detached properties on Mobbsbury Way, close to the junction with Hudson Road and a neighbourhood shopping precinct.

The land that would have been used is currently a green space, with grass, bushes, shrubs and trees.

A green spaces development officer said that they had "considerable concerns" that the development would "negatively impact the area's visual amenity ... result in the removal of mature trees and shrubs ... [and] likely losing the open and safe feel when traversing this area".


In the council statement refusing permission, it is stated that officers "proactively" engaged with the applicant but "positive advice" from them was "ignored".

They gave five reasons for refusing development, and stated that the application was "unacceptable in principle" due to not being on previously developed land.

It also cited concerns about losing amenity value and biodiversity, as well as a possible impact on public safety and road safety.

The UK currently has a significant housing shortage, and the Stevenage Borough Local Plan for 2011-31 identified a need for 7,600 new homes in the area across that period.

According to a report from Heriot-Watt University, around 340,000 new homes need to be supplied in England per year to end the housing shortage. Around 233,000 new homes were supplied in 2021/22.